The first, the simplest, and the most widely known form of meditation are known as the mindful breathing.

To follow mindful breathing, you are supposed to find a peaceful place that is away from the noise. Once you are in such an environment, take a natural posture like sitting on a comfortable chair, or perhaps on the floor.

Put one of your hands on your chest while the other rests on your belly.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath slowly.

To promote rhythm, many of the instructors recommend counting to three or four while inhaling.

Now use your hand on the belly and feel it raising with the air rushing into your body. Make sure that you are keeping your body filled with air for a couple of seconds before starting to exhale.

Use your mouth for slow exhalation and use your hands on your chest and on your belly to feel the air moving out and the body coming back to its relaxed position. By focusing entirely on your breaths, the remaining unnecessary, troubling, or otherwise disturbing thoughts are pushed out of your mind.

This is what enables you to experience the benefits of sharper focus, better concentration, superior emotional flexibility, and a marked reduction in anxiety.

Mindfulness meditation exercises can truly be a big help to rejuvenate and heal your body and mind without the need of any chemicals and drugs. After the long extensive research, the tests have shown that 20+ minutes of daily regular meditation has a profound effect on overall health.

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